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How to Generate PDF from Word?

  • This article mainly depicts how to convert word to pdf with a free Office plug-in and a professional doc to PDF converter.

By default, almost all computers do not come with a built-in tool to generate PDF since PDF files cannot be made directly. Then how does PDF come? You may ask…Well, it almost generated from other formats such as being converted from word to PDF.

Microsoft Word is a great word processor where you can edit, modify in a Word document, after you finish you then can save it as a Word document. Since Microsoft publishes the versions of Office 2007 and 2010, now there are a large majority of people are using them. *.docx files are generated by Office 2007 and 2010. Suppose you have completed the edition and modification in Word, but *.docx is not the format what you want, what you need is *.pdf. Then you have to figure out ways to convert word doc to PDF.


How to convert *.word documents to PDF?

Everyone wants to deal with a thing easily and free of charge. Good news is that Office 2007 and 2010 provides users with a free plug-in which supports to save *.docx or *.xlsx files as PDF. So you can use this free plug-in to convert docx to PDF.

Use Free plug-in—SaveasPDF to save *. word documents as PDF files.
You can download it from Microsoft. To use this to create PDF files from Office documents is very easy. You can just click “Save As” on the top of window in Word. Next choose PDF so you can publish a copy of the document as a PDF file.
However, using this way to generate PDF, the original format will be changed sometimes, this depends on whether the original format is complex or not. Any, the PDF files generated by SaveasPDF is not that professional. If you need better-quality PDF files, then a professional word doc to PDF converter is needed.

Convert doc to PDF with Advanced Word to PDF 5.0.
Compared with that free Office plug-in, Advanced Word to PDF converter is a professional PDF creator which can retain the original layout, image, text, and even hyperlink after converting doc to PDF.

Here’s how Advanced Word to PDF 5.0 converts doc to PDF.

Step1: Launch Advanced Word to PDF 5.0.

After you free download and install this PDF tool on to your computer, then find the installed program—PDF to Word 5.0, then double click it and then quickly start to launch it.

Step2: Import the target files.

Click “Add File(s)” button and select the *.docx files which you want to convert them to PDF.
(Note: You can select all the files together, because this program supports batch conversion to PDF.)

Step3: Convert doc to PDF from other documents.

When everything is done, you can just click “Convert” button to start doc to PDF conversion.

That’s all about how to convert word to PDF, and several seconds later you will receive a message “Conversion completes, open the file?”



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