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Two Choices for You to Convert PPT to PDF

  • Don't believe you can easily and quickly to convert PPT to PDF? In this article, 2 choices for PPT to PDF conversion—Adobe Acrobat; PPT to PDF converter will prove you the possibility.

If I say it’s very easy to convert PPT to PDF, do you believe it or not?
If you still think PDF is hard to be created then you are totally wrong! Now you can easily and quickly make it.

Easily and quickly create PDF from PPT.

To start with, you may wonder why need to convert from PPT to PDF. Well, let me explain this to you.

Situation 1: Suppose if you have made a PowerPoint Presentation and would like to share it with others on multiple platforms such as iPad, iPhone etc, then at this time one thing you need to consider is to convert it to a multiple compatible format such as PDF, otherwise this PPT file cannot be viewed or read on those popular portable digital media devices.

Situation 2: Another situation is that when you decide to share a PPT file, you may do not want it to be edited or modified by others. Then at this time, PDF is your best choice since it is just a non-editable format and nowadays it becomes popular and popular.

Furthermore, you may wonder how to convert PPT to PDF easily and quickly. Don’t worry, and there are many program that can do it so that you have multiple choices.

Choice A: Adobe Acrobat.
Some people may think the best program to use in converting a PowerPoint file to PPT is Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is a family of programs designed to view, create, manipulate and manage files in PDF. Adobe Acrobat is expensive but it can work very efficiently.
See? Adobe Acrobat is not free! Instead, it is pretty expensive, say at least costing you $300. Would such an expensive tool be accepted by most individuals? The answer is of course “Never”. So beside Adobe Acrobat, is there any other tool to PPT to PDF?

Choice B: Advanced PPT to PDF 5.0
Seeing from the name, it’s not hard to find this Advanced PPT to PDF 5.0 is a PPT to PDF converter. Speaking of PPT to PDF converter, it is actually a third-party application which can help users convert PPT to PDF quickly without losing original layout, text, image, or even hyperlink. Compared with Adobe Acrobat, the quality of PDF files created by Advanced PPT to PDF 5.0 won’t lose to what Adobe Acrobat creates. However it’s price will be far less than Adobe Acrobat. So, if these two tools can do the same thing well, so why not take one which is less expensive and easier to operate?

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How To Use Advanced PPT To PDF 5.0

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