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Why and How Do You Convert PDF File to Other Formats?

  • There are many situations when you need to perform PDF conversion to other editable formats. Do you know how to make it? In this article, you can find the exact way!

I’ve read some people are discussing some software to convert PDF in some forums lately, which spurred me to write such an article on PDF conversion to share information with all people who are interested.

PartⅠ. Why do we need PDF conversion and PDF conversion software either?

For3 reasons, as a person who often use PDF, more or less he will confront with PDF editing or modification problems, then using a certain kind of PDF conversion software is the most convenient way to troubleshoot those problems.
Reason A: PDF format is costly created
Whoever used PDF, he or she should know the only way to create PDF files is to buy and install Adobe’s Acrobat suite which is very functional and nice while costs money and very expensive.
Reason B: PDF format is non-editable
PDF is not editable and it is simply an image of a document, so it is almost impossible to be changed, revised or manipulated without the original access password.
Reason C: Adobe doesn’t provide PDF conversion
Adobe and Microsoft doesn’t provide conversion of PDF to Office or Office to PDF. But some third party providers offer such a service. That’s why some PDF converters like Advanced PDF Converter come into being.

PartⅡ. PDF file conversion software has the following features:

Here I just take the software—Advanced PDF Converter, which I am familiar with for instance.

  • It is easy to use. With a super easy-to-understand and friendly user graphic interface and step-by-step video manual, it makes easy for both computer professionals and novices.
  • Batch conversion. It supports convert multiple PDF files to multiple Office documents at one time and vice versa.
  • Fast and efficient. With the function of batch conversion and powerful converting ability, all the PDF files can be converted within seconds, and the output documents will retain the original text layout and images.

Part Ⅲ. How does PDF file conversion software—Advanced PDF Converter Word?

After you download, install and run Advanced PDF Converter on your computer. All you need to do is to upload your PDF files and choose your desired output format: Word or Rich Text Format (*.rtf). After that, click “Convert” to initiate the PDF converting process. Then, less than few seconds, you can successfully get the converted PDF files: *.doc or *.rtf.

See? During the whole PDF converting process, you only need one click of button, then it allows you to successfully convert PDF to all other editable formats.


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