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How to Convert Excel to PDF with A Good Excel to PDF Converter?

  • Don't know how to convert Excel to PDF format? That's very simple, in this article, there is an Excel to PDF converter introduced in detail.

Why convert Excel to PDF?

Excel is a proprietary commercial spreadsheet application written and distributed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. To view an .xls or .xlsx file the recipient would need to have the Microsoft Excel Viewer installed. While PDF is a more portable format which is almost compatible across all platforms.

Additionally, PDF is a non-editable format which has been used widely in representing some official reports, business reports, contracts etc. Thus you can be sure the document you sent won’t be altered by mistake. While Excel format may not always be the best means of presentation since it allows users to extensively edit or modify the contents in it. Therefore, Excel format is not suited for data delivery and presentation.

However, PDF cannot be created directly. Usually it is created from other formats. So to create PDF from Excel files we need a special Excel to PDF converter.

What does a good Excel to PDF converter have?

Don’t ever believe that all those so called Excel to PDF converters are real PDF tools. Some of them offer users very low quality or service. In my opinion, a credible Excel to PDF converter should provide users with a convenient, simple and efficient way to convert Excel to PDF without losing original layout, image, text or even hyperlink. Of course a good Excel to PDF converter should also support all version of Excel to PDF conversion.

How to convert Excel to PDF with a good Excel to PDF converter?

Speaking of a good Excel to PDF converter, I would recommend Advanced Excel to PDF 5.0. It is a very small size application and free for download. Below are the step-by-step guides on how it works:
Step1: Of course the first step goes on to the downloading and installation of such an application.
Step2: It is an offline application, so after you installing it, you can run it on your computer without internet connection.
Step3: When the interface of this application shows, click “Add File(s)” button to upload your Excel files. A good service of this application offered to users is batch conversion. You can select all the Excel files you want to convert to PDF together can then convert them at the same time.
Step3: Click “Convert” button to start converting Excel to PDF. With only one click to this button, you then can initiate the conversion.

Now, several seconds later, you can get all the converted PDF files.

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